MarComp: New Compression Pressure Indicator by MARIDIS.

All MARIDIS products are now also available via ShipServ, the e-marketplace for marine, oil and gas industries, used by shipowners, managers and shipyards.

MarComp: New Compression Pressure Indicator by MARIDIS.

MarComp is a Compression Pressure Indicator monitoring the current condition of valves and piston rings: Their condition can easily be detected by this new diesel engine combustion chamber tester – with cost-reducing effects.

Maridis supports the commitment of the Children and Youth Department of The Warnow Yacht Club as an official sponsor.

The new big MarPrime Software update 3.2.5 is now available to all costumers. Version has just been released with many added features on 2015-05-26, including innovations concerning general use, report and statistics.

From November 3rd to the 6th of 2015, Maridis will attend Europort, the international maritime trade show for innovative technology and shipbuilding in Rotterdam. This will be an excellent opportunity to learn about the products and services of Maridis.